Transform Your FedEx Operation. Discover Streamlined Management and Unparalleled Analytics with GroundMetRx

Unleash your business potential with GroundMetRx, the ultimate platform for FedEx contractors. Experience the power of robust analytics and cutting-edge management systems designed to drive profitability and stress-free operations.

Line Haul

Optimize your long-haul operations with GroundMetRx's comprehensive dispatch tracking, automated IVMR, and detailed profitability reporting.


Take control of your Pickup & Delivery services with our unique dispute management system, fuel report analytics, and driver performance dashboards.

Backend Analytics

Gain unparalleled insights into your business with our robust analytics, offering detailed operational reports and data-driven decision-making tools for profitability and growth.

Some of our trusted client

“At GroundMetRx, our mission is to bring FedEx contractors closer to the intricate workings of their businesses. We strive to empower the 'average Joe' by harnessing the power of advanced technology and analytics, enabling them to drive their businesses forward with increased profitability and efficiency. By clearly understanding their operations, we believe we can help contractors make better, more informed decisions that lead to a thriving business.
We are also deeply committed to improving the quality of life for contractors. Through our seamless management systems and consulting services, we aim to take the stress out of running a complex logistics operation. We envisage a future where contractors can focus on growth and innovation, knowing that the daily operations of their business are being managed effectively and efficiently.”

Prioritize the well-being of your drivers and assets with GroundMetRx's advanced accident tracking and safety-focused pre & post-trip inspections.


Keep your fleet in peak condition with our automated maintenance schedules, comprehensive work order system, and detailed truck profiles.


Boost your operation's productivity with GroundMetRx's smart dispatch scheduling, insightful fuel reports, and automated payroll systems.


Fuel your business's expansion with our profitability reporting, dispute management systems, and detailed performance dashboards.

Pickup & Delivery

Do you receive packages from FedEx Ground? If you do, there is a good chance that it was us. We deliver over 30,000 packages a day across NY & NJ. Click below to learn more about our Pickup & Delivery department.

Line Haul

Ever wonder how your packages get from state to state? That's also us! Our Line Haul department moves trailers full of packages from terminal to terminal so our P&D drivers can deliver them to your door. Click Below to learn more about Line Haul.

Every Story Has A Beginning

Born from the first-hand experience of a contractor and the shared vision of two strategic partners, GroundMetRx is more than a software provider - it's the brainchild of those who have walked in your shoes. With over three decades of combined experience in FedEx operations and executive leadership roles in Fortune 500 companies like Verizon, our founders understand the unique challenges and opportunities inherent in the FedEx Ground contractor business model.

We created GroundMetRx with a clear purpose - to equip FedEx contractors with the tools they need to manage, grow, and scale their businesses with efficiency and ease. Just as every story has a beginning, so too was GroundMetRx conceived out of necessity, and nurtured into the industry-leading solution it is today. We understand the journey because we've embarked on it ourselves, and we're here to guide you through every step of the way. As fellow travelers on this path, we're committed to helping your story unfold towards greater success and prosperity.

Pickup & Delivery (P&D) operations form the vital heart of any logistics business, acting as the key link between businesses and their customers. With GroundMetRx, FedEx contractors can streamline and optimize these operations, leveraging tools designed specifically to enhance efficiency and profitability. Our systems offer sophisticated dispute tracking, accident management, and detailed driver performance dashboards. Moreover, with features such as gas receipt entries, fuel reports, and per stop threshold bonus tracking, we make it easy to analyze and control your operational costs, ensuring your P&D operations are as profitable as they can be.

Line Haul operations are the backbone of any long-distance logistics business, ensuring a seamless connection between distribution hubs. At GroundMetRx, we empower FedEx contractors with an array of tools specifically designed to enhance the efficiency and profitability of these operations. Our features include robust dispatch scheduling, comprehensive run tracking, and in-depth reporting capabilities, making it easy to monitor and evaluate your Line Haul operations. From pre and post-trip safety measures to meticulous fuel reporting and accident tracking, GroundMetRx ensures your Line Haul operations are conducted in a manner that is safe, cost-effective, and efficient.

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