Streamline Your Payroll & HR Processes with GroundMetRx

Automate and simplify your payroll system while managing HR tasks more effectively

GroundMetRx: Revolutionizing Payroll & HR Management

At GroundMetRx, we understand the complexities and demands of payroll and HR management in the logistics sector. Our automated payroll system and comprehensive HR management features are designed to simplify these tasks, saving you time and reducing the possibility of errors.

Automated Payroll for Efficiency and Accuracy

Say goodbye to manual calculations and human errors with GroundMetRx's automated payroll system. Our system ensures accurate calculations for both Line Haul and P&D, whether you're paying salaries, hourly rates, or by stop or mile. It's payroll made simple and reliable.

Effective HR Management Tools

Keep your team organized and informed with our comprehensive HR management features. Manage driver profiles, schedule assignments, and track time with ease. Plus, our custom form builder and write-up documentation system help you maintain a clear and efficient communication channel with your team.

Stay Compliant with Ease

Our system makes it easy to track essential compliance documents like DOT & Med cards, ensuring you're always up to date and audit-ready. With GroundMetRx, compliance is no longer a headache, but a straightforward part of your management routine.

GroundMetRx - Simplifying Payroll & HR Management

Leverage the power of automation and intuitive management tools to streamline your payroll and HR processes. With GroundMetRx, you're not just managing your team - you're empowering them. Join us and let GroundMetRx revolutionize your administrative tasks.